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July 26th, 2013, 11:35 PM
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IRL first name: Christi

Age if you want to share: 29

Family you live with including ages of kids: DH - Matt (24), Kathy Marie (9months)

Furbabies: Lazeraus (lazlo) male kitty... I also have 1 leopard gecko, 1 mixed leopard and emerald swift gecko (captive bred - hatched 2 years ago), 4 firebelly toads and 1 whites tree frog

Where in the world you are: Pueblo, CO (Moving back to FL soon)

Best & worst things about where you live: Best: Snow and winter days (when in Colorado springs that in Pueblo? Not so much lol) Worst: Pueblo is a high-crime town. The neighborhood we live in is getting worse by the weeks.

Your status(1) - SAHM, WAHM, or WOHM: I work, I'm assuming that's what WOHM is?

Your status(2) - WTTC, NTNP, TTC, PG, DONE or NONE (please explain): WTTC in a few years, finically we are not ready for another kid, esp 2 under 2.

Your religion/faith/path if happy to share: Christian/Catholic

Your job or role: Working mom

Your main hobbies: computers, photography, cars, family

Your talents: I'm going to think my photography for cars/flowers, and learning babies

AP, TP or a little of both: What does this mean?

Still BFing or now FFing/solids or a mix: Our daughter wouldn't latch Strictly FF'ing, with a bit of solids.

Your current goals/dreams/priorities in life: Getting life together after we file, and getting head of the game, be happy and live life.

Do you drive or no: yes

Do you have school age kids or no: no

Do you have teens or no: no

Are you a blended family or no: no

Are you married or no and if no do you want to in future: yes 1.5 yeas (anni date 03/28/12)

Other boards you visit on JM: I'm also part of the October 2012 PR

Member of JM since: 01/2009

Are you mostly a lurker, visitor or regular poster: fairly a regular poster, haven't been in a few months due to being busy RL.

Are you on FB or not: yes

Favourite colour: I can't just pick one.. black, blue, purple, green and teal

Favourite food: A little bit of everything!

Favourite drink: Sprite. I've been 2.5 years of no alcohol

Favourite animal: walking animal: dogs and cats.. amphibans.. frogs

Favourite holiday destination: One of these days i'd love to go to Alaska, Germany and Itlay.

Favourite book: I don't read much anymore.

Favourite movie: too many to list.

Favourite song: One of my favorites are Taylor swift (and I can't remember the name atm), "Breath" by Angel and Airwaves.

Favourite flower: blue tulips.

Favourite thing about being a mom: waking up everyday to see my daughter smile before I go to work, come home and spending time with her. Realizing how much DH and I had to grow up a bit after she came.

Plans for the summer (or winter if you're Down Under): Just work, and trying to enjoy with family.

Hopes & fears for the new merged PR: Hoping that my current PR won't be upset with me joining lol... But also to meet more mommies and learn more being a first time mommy.
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