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July 27th, 2013, 05:13 AM
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Look most like? You? Hubby? Other sibling? Grandma? Etc... - She looks like DH. ALL my girls have looked JUST like him as babies. My first girl still looks a ton like him. My second looks a lot more like me now, which is nice to see! Lilah looks exactly like DH right now - seriously. It's crazy. I must have weak genes! Maybe if we had a boy, he'd look like me.

Seem to have inherited their personality from (so far)? Outgoing like DH? Calm like you? Etc... - She's a firecracker so far - doesn't like to sit still, she's impatient, not laid back at all. I guess she's a real mix of both of us personality wise.

Prefer to put them to sleep? - Her swing. She doesn't like to be rocked and held very much. She naps in her swing all day. If I try to put her to sleep, she screams and screams. At night, DH puts her to bed. He's pretty good at it.

Prefer to smile at? - I'd say my oldest daughter Lexy - Lilah just LOVES her.

Get their sleep habits from ? - Neither of us......but more me I guess. She wakes easily, as do I. She's restless and doesn't need much sleep - not sure who she gets that from.

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