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July 27th, 2013, 08:20 AM
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Originally Posted by mommaerin View Post
The alcohol both enters and leaves your milk at the same rate as it does your bloodstream. There is no need to pump and dump if you just wait the two hours. Because it effects your milk the same as the bloodstream it also depends on your weight. The more you weigh the less time it will take to exit your system. A lot of people use the guideline that if you are sober enough to drive you are sober enough to nurse. Also, only about 2% of the alcohol you drink enters your milk. It's not like if you have a shot then your milk will be 80 proof. The danger is that their livers are so immature that even a small amount of alcohol is hard for them to process.
This is all exactly what I was told by a lactation consultant. If you don't over do it you don't have to pump and dump. I have a beer here or there but generally right after I nurse him and put him down for the night or a long nap so I won't have to nurse awhile.

Originally Posted by SunnyBunnyMama View Post
Don't rink alcohol.. I don't drink soda either so I should be given the best mom award bahahaha
Well, even Jesus drank wine. WWJD!

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