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Originally Posted by EverydayJoy View Post
So Nancy, you're saying your body can be resistant to losing weight if you eat too few calories while breastfeeding? Kinda makes sense, your body wants to hang on to its fat stores because it's worried about starvation!
Yes the lactation consultant told me when I was doing cardio 40 min+bfeeding+calorie tracking and telling her about the weight not coming off that I was probably in starvation mode. She told me not to have too big of a deficit (500-600 a day is good) and said I could eat more just make good choices. Worked like a charm.

I'm not doing any cardio right now but am assuming my body is about to get in that higher loss mode. Bfeeding got me 10lbs under my pre pregnancy weight with my daughter. I hope it does the same this time around! So far my stomach and arms look great by my legs and butt are holding on to that fat like there's no tomorrow.
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