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July 27th, 2013, 11:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Skimboardin Mama View Post
Thank you for this info! I'm glad our DDC/PR has our own car seat tech as a member

They also have a cooling pad that you can freeze and set inside the house before you leave... then when the baby goes in the seat you remove the frozen pack. That's okay right? We keep our infant carrier inside due to the heat as well.
You bet! On days its really hot here I've been using my 'boobie ice packs" to cool off his seat once he goes in. Its a gel pack, so it doesn't get really hard. If it is soft enough, I think it would be ok to wrap them in a thin towel and tuck in beside them. Just not between baby and the back of the seat, or baby and the straps.

As for shopping, We put Arthur in either a sling, or my soft structured carrier (Boba 3g) and he LOVES it. If he's asleep in the car he usually stirs as I'm lifting him out, but falls right back asleep in the carrier. I have both hands free, and he never touches the cart! Or you could always bring a blanket or cover to put over the store's cart infant seats.

Sorry I meant to say cool it off before he goes in!

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