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July 27th, 2013, 02:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Janisdkh View Post
So very sorry for your loss honey. I too lost a lil one but on the 13th. I just went and had my ultrasound Tuesday and all has cleared out. I hope the best for you and things go smoothly and you get your sticky baby <3 Are you sure you are losing this one? I bled with all of my healthy babies as well as losses. XO

Thanks. I'm really sorry for ur loss. I'm actually going to go to the er in a bit because the bleeding an cramping hav almost gone. I still hav not passed any clots or anything. So now I'm not sure. With my other 2 miscarriages i bled bad cramped bad an passed a lot of clots an tissue. But i started bleeding thurs an 2day i haven't had much. So 2 days of bleeding an i only used 1 pad each day. Sorry tmi. I did bleed kinda like a period with one if my dd's an everything was fine. Idk guess I'll find out.
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