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July 27th, 2013, 09:54 PM
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Originally Posted by hopeful_girl55 View Post
Temp vaginally. But don't switch in the middle of a cycle because it will throw everything off. Temping orally there are so many factors. You could sleep with your mouth open and that messes up your temps. For now just keep temping orally till you start a new cycle. As far as helping out with this cycle, I am just not sure. If it were me I would keep using OPK's and check my cervical position and CM. That way I could kind of get the idea of when O happened.
Alright. thanks. I have noticed sometimes when i wake up my pillow is a little bit wet or i'll wake up and my mouth is open..not all the time but it happens some... My opk today had a little color but was negative... Do you know why would they be getting somewhat darker then all of a sudden start being lighter again?..

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