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July 27th, 2013, 11:36 PM
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Thanks hun.

The issue with me is.. I take too many supplements in the day.. and I don't get up at the same time. So While I might get up at 9am Monday, I may not get up until 2pm Tuesday. And I had to switch my Prilosec to evening (it's designed to be taking in the morning) because it interferes with the absorption of the levothyroxine. And my reflux is bad.. I use bananas and slimfast to sleep. I can't set the alarm to wake up and take the thyroid med, because I'd need to eat or drink milk/slimfast to calm the burn to go back to sleep

My Ob consulted with a college with my supplement list and they've outlined which ones I can take in the morning with the levothyroxine (cranberry, Vit D, CO-Q10 and EPO) and which ones I take at night (B12, B6, Prenatal, prilosec, Folate, Apsirin and EPO again. Rule of thumb is, if it comes in the prenatal and is in tablet form, it gets taken at night with the prenatal)...

My pregnancies don't even last long enough for me to call the OB for a dang Beta at this point I'm not entirely sure he'd give me one anyway.
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