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July 28th, 2013, 07:28 AM
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I had a feeling being induced makes the contractions super painful. With my labor nothing was hurting at all until I got the induction shot. Then my pain was honestly out of control. My breathing was crazy... I couldn't sit still, I remember telling DH I couldn't do it and to take me home. DH was like... yea as soon as you step out into the hallway they are going to make you lay back down. I knew I couldn't leave. That wasn't an option, but the pain was awful!!!

I have mentioned several times that my dr wants to induce me around 38 weeks this time. I really want to avoid being induced period. I want to do whats best for baby, but I fear the pain being induced brings with it. I didn't get an epi before and I want to avoid one this time also. I guess the closer I get to the end the more worries start to come to the surface. I pray I go into labor on my own right around 38 weeks and can avoid being induced! Oh please, please!!!

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