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July 28th, 2013, 10:18 AM
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Hi Ladies! I'm Lindsey (31) and DH is Chad (34) and we've been trying for a baby since April 2011 and have been pregnant 3 times since (sadly lost them all). Took us 12 cycles the first time and I was pregnant for nearly 22 weeks and lost baby last June 2012 due to a chronic placental abruption but baby was otherwise healthy. 2nd pregnancy (Nov. 2012) we got pregnant on the 4th cycle TTC and that one lasted 5 weeks and ended up needing the methotrexate shot to complete the m/c. 3rd pregnancy was a chemical about 3 months ago.

Tests I've had done: Thrombophillia Panel (last year after I lost Cade at 22weeks) everything was fine. I had a pelvic u/s done after that pregnancy to make sure that I didn't have fibroids in the uterus and that was fine. I do, however, have fibroids on outside of the uterus but was told those wont hurt fertility. After the next 2 losses, decided it was time to see an RE to make sure nothing was causing the losses.

Tests with RE (started tests last week on 7/20):
~ On 7/20, had the CD3 b/w and u/s. Found only 2 antral follicles on right ovary and none on the left and an FSH of 9.4. Doctor had me start BCP's this day when he called with my results telling me that I had low ovarian reserve so we will need to get me through the testing as fast as possible and get me pregnant ASAP. Spent this entire day/night devastated feeling like it was the end of the world and that we may never have any biological children.
~ on 7/22, had the physical exam and vag cultures, everything was fine. Doctor stressed again this day about my low ovarian reserve. I asked him what the solution to this would be. And he told me we need to "get the eggs out and pick out the good ones." He already has me scheduled to start treatment on Aug. 14th but will need to finish testing and have our consult with him to discuss everything in detail.
~ HSG ~ Tubes were open
~ Sonohystergram found a polyp in my uterus. I will need surgery to have it removed next week.
~ Also had more clotting disorder b/w done that my OB from last year didn't include in the testing he had me do and I'm still waiting on those test results.

So basically, we still are waiting for my surgery to happen to remove the polyp before we discuss what treatment is going to be but it's sounding like IVF is what my doctor is thinking.

I really hope my doctor has a lot of information ready for me at the consult b/c the thought of IVF prior to this testing wasn't even a thought since we have gotten pregnant on our own 3 times. But now I am really really nervous about the extremely low count of antral follicles and the elevated FSH, especially for my age. I'm also going to ask about the uterine polyp and if that could have been a reason for the losses?

Now that I know about the problem of my eggs diminishing I'm really feeling really nervous like I'm running out of time... And that a decision regarding whether or not to do IVF is something we need to make ASAP. So I'm wondering what your thoughts on this might be?

Thanks for your help ladies!
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