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July 28th, 2013, 10:54 AM
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As for the sooner part, Ethan was induced at 40 weeks because of low amniotic fluid, I never even went into labor with him so I don't know how late he would have been had we left him alone. My feeling is he probably would have gone as long as 2 weeks overdue. He was 6lbs 8 oz so a little thing.
Kody was 5 days overdue, and might have gone a day or two more if they hadn't broke my water to get things moving.

Amy--what about, if you do have to be induced, talk to your doctor about you having more control over the Pit process. For example, if you can get labor started with the Pit, see if they'll let you turn it down and let natural labor take over. Keep in mind, hospitals have certain mind-sets about how long labor is supposed to take, whereas real labor can go longer than that safely.
There was a book I read that I thought helpful called "Homebirth in the Hospital" by Stacy Marie Kerr.
From that book and others I read about natural child birth, I have seen where docs have practices that are counterproductive to real labor, such as turning up the Pit as high as they safely can so that they can go home sooner. Not all doctors are like that. Another practice I have heard of that I'm horrified by, is called "Pit to distress." The doctor sees that the induced labor is taking too long for his liking, and he wants to go home, so he cranks up the Pitocin until the baby goes into fetal distress. Bada boom, bada bang--now Mama needs a C-section, and the doc gets to whip the baby out and go home. Isn't that awful?!? Now of course not every doctor does that, but enough have done it that there's a name for it.
Anyway, reading things like that make me see that we DO have a lot more power over what happens to us and our babies than we think. I would recommend a doula, too, because they can advocate for you when you are in the throes of labor.
Good luck Amy!

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