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July 28th, 2013, 12:49 PM
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Hello LF ladies!

Glad your dog is home, Mommy, hope the program worked!

Terre--Congrats to your DIL!

UM and M2M--2 of my girls are 9 days apart, I was honestly kind of hoping that this baby would be a little closer to Matilda to make it more "fair." My DH and his family get presents for ALL the kids on each birthday, it's a huge hit to the gift budget and something I just don't like, I don't go over-board on birthdays, but I do think that should be THAT child's day (cake, favorite dinner, some balloons and presents) and that we're spoiling the kids giving them all presents instead of teaching them to just understand that it's not always their turn. I hope your kiddos have fun birthdays! It sounds like you've gotten them some cool gifts!

FW--enjoy the ice cream social and brisket--you are pretty awesome! Will you guys miss your spanish girl? Has she gotten close to your kids? Do any of your kids want to go to Spain now? And Hello AOD, lol

Took the kids to church this morning, it must be vacation time in our community (I'm still getting used to the rhytms here) there was a really small crowd and almost all senior citizens. I don't know most of them very well but they were all very nice, it's fun to have all those people doting on my little troupe of girls (especially when they're being good and have their hair brushed! lol)

DH has a midterm today, so he was studying all day yesterday, gone all day today and then has work and class tomorrow. I'm so over July. I'm also over him telling me to not go into labor. As if it's my choice. Also, I'm 37 weeks tomorrow, it's going to happen soon and I would be pleased if the day it happened he was EXCITED instead of saying something like "Oh no. Really? Not today, I'm so busy!" :/
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