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July 28th, 2013, 02:11 PM
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Jacksonís Birth story
My story starts on June 4th. As some of you may know I was having previous issues with the pregnancy. Low fluid levels and he was behind on his growth. They have been sending me to Mayo in Rochester for bi weekly checkups as well as my weekly ones at my normal doctor. So from the Sunday before to that Tuesday I hadnít been feeling the baby move as much. 3rd day in a row of not feeling him as much I was getting concerned. I called my doctor and they had me come in. They did a n BPP ultrasound and had to actually poke around to get baby to wake up and move. Then I had my 36 week appointment and was not really dilating or anything yet. The it was on to the NST. Weíll they didnít get the results from the NST and after me being tested for 3 hours the dr. decided to consult with the doctors at Mayo. They decided due to the results and the limited fetal movement and heart rate decals the wanted to be transferred to Mayo for monitoring. This is when I called my So and told him. I went home and then we drove to Mayo. I brought my bag just in case but didnít think I would need it. I was not expected to have the baby then.

We arrived at Mayo at 6:30pm on June 4th. When the admitted me the told me they wanted to keep me overnight for monitoring which I was kinda surprised so we settled in. They just keep the monitor on and kept checking back with us. I didnít sleep much that night. They came and did a bedside ultrasound around midnight and I remember my fluid levels being around a 3. I slept on and off from 2am on and woke at 7:30am. They had told me they wanted to do a actual ultrasound that morning so me and the SO were waiting for that. We figured they would do that and send us home an say come back in a week. Well a team of about 5 people came into the room, itís always a large group. The basically told me that the baby had some heart rate decels over the night and they wanted me to have him that day. I was shocked and scared. I had the choice to be induced or have a c-section. They said with the pitocin and contractions that the baby might not do well with having heart rate drops already so we decided to do the c-section in stead of having an emergency one. Also I had not even begun to dilate. It was scary, I had never been in the hospital for anything, it was all so much.

I didnít even have time to process it or think about it. The had it planned for around 10am. So they came and preped me and gave me the IV and everything else. Around 10:00am they came and got me and wheeled my to the OR. I was so scared. The spinal went fairly well and took effect right away. That was the weirdest feeling, wanting to move your legs and not being able to. Iask where my SO was and they said they went to get him. Before I knew it he was in the room and they had started. It was weird and uncomfortable. I was getting nauseous and thought I was going to throw up and they gave me some medicine. They told me they were almost there, they said they had to do a final push and that hurt bad and felt uncomfortable. Before I knew it I heard him cry and I was so relieved . The showed him to me over the curtain and they took him away to make sure things were ok. I could still hear him crying so I was happy.

Jackson Arlan Kosok was born at 10:23 am on June 5th 4lbs. 3 oz. 18Ē long. Such a little peanut.

After they got me stitched up I got to go see and hold him briefly. Then they had to take him to the special care intermediate nursery and I had to go to my Post partum room. It sucked being away from him. I was very tired and nauseous after took me most of the day to recover. I did go down in the wheelchair once that night to see him. I felt so bad him being so little and in that little warmer. He never needed oxygen just an Iv and feeding tube. He was born on a Wednesday and I was with him in the hospital until Saturday then I was discharged. He had to stay for another week so he was in the for 10 days total. That was really hard me to leave him there. We live an hour away and I couldnít drive. I got a ride back and forth everyday to see him. I was so happy when we got to bring him home. It was a long road.

Today Jackson is 7 Ĺ weeks old and almost 8 lbs. He is doing great. He is colicky and is fussy a lot but he are dealing with it. They also think he is deaf in one ear. Which is sad but it could be worse. I love him very much!!
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