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July 28th, 2013, 03:20 PM
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Wow you have been through a lot I am so so sorry!

So I am new to IVF and learning myself
I had a a bad lab done that showed FSH 9.7 and my IVF RE wasn't even fazed by it. He said as long as it was under 10 he was fine. I am not sure what that means with your low AFC tho and am totally interested in what your AMH is.
I do feel you can help your numbers tho. When i thought I had high FSH I got on a bunch of supplements because I read so much about how helpful they are. Lash can help with this... These are what i am on: IVF or bust!: Vitamins & Supplements and since we have MF issues I have had DH on a bunch too and we have definitely seen a difference at least with his count! Dh's: IVF or bust!: DH's info

I had a SIS and they found a polyp like you did. I just had surgery on Friday to remove it. It was pretty easy thankfully. From what i have read YES a polyp can cause m/c. Have they told you how large yours is?

I think since you have gotten successfully PG there is a lot of hope. I am sure this is a lot to digest! But you sound like you are ready to take this on, research and advocate and that's half the battle!
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