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July 28th, 2013, 05:03 PM
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So I thought I was really set on breastfeeding till my baby was a year old. I heard that it would be hard but I didn't care I wanted to do it. That all changed when she got here. When she was born I caught on to nursing pretty quickly. The nurses helped me and after a couple tries I think we did great. She was a natural at it and I thought it was going to be that awesome bonding experience that mothers go on and on about. But then I went home. When I got home nursing changed for me. She wanted to nurse every 30 minutes it seemed like. I felt like it was pointless to even put on a bra. I wasn't comfortable at all nursing in public and so I never left the house. I sat on the couch all day crying because I could do anything it seemed like but sit and nurse. I went into a depression state. I hated breastfeeding and it made me hate everything else. I LOVED being a mother. But I hated all else. Everyone I know who nurses thinks its easy and amazing. I wanted that so bad. But after realizing that I needed to get healthy mentally and emotionally in order to mother my daughter i stopped nursing and started her on formula at 3 months. I am much happier now and enjoy every second of her but I know that when I get pregnant again I really really really want to have a better nursing experience.
Any advice/tips would be helpful. I just wish that I had gotten it right the first time.
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