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July 28th, 2013, 06:36 PM
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We are due with our second baby in October. We don't know the gender and are not finding out until it's born. So if it's a boy, all this stress could be for nothing. We have a boy name picked out- Henry Joseph.

But if it's a girl...I am torn between 2 names. I literally go back and forth every day on what I think she should be called. There are a lot of names I love (I am into old-fashioned, feminine names) but DH is pretty picky so through process of elimination we are down to Eleanor or Juliet. Eleanor I have loved since I was pregnant with my son- love how it is strong and classic and love the nicknames Ella/Ellie. However sometimes I don't think it's "the one" because Ella is SO popular right now and I don't want her to be one of 5 Ella's in her preschool class. My son's name is pretty popular but I didn't know that when I named him (in 2010) so sometimes I think popularity isn't the hugest deal.

And the second choice- I have loved the name Julia all of my life but DH isn't too fond, however he loves Juliet. So that idea was born. My only gripe with it is that my son's name starts with a "J" as well, and I am SO not a matchy-matchy type person. Like, it will bother me if people think I named them both with J's to be cutesy. I've had some people tell me that it will be very noticeable and some people say not really. We MIGHT have a third child (undecided) but if we do, the name will NOT start with a J. I love Juliet because it's pretty and actually way less popular than Eleanor is right now, and certainly less popular than Ella.

As far as the middle name- we are set on giving her a family name as the middle and most likely it will be Gail or Abigail as my Mom's name is Gail and I would love to honor her. However it is also possible her middle name could end up being "Raine" after me (my middle name is Lorraine). So feel free to give me your middle name suggestions too. Like, do you think Juliet Abigail is just way too much of a mouthful?

To give you a better feel for it- my son's name is Jackson Matthew and our last name is 2 syllables and ends with an "ee" sound, rhymes with "Meaney". TIA!!!
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