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July 28th, 2013, 07:13 PM
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Just pasting my last few updates from the main board so that it will all be in one place.

June 14th 2012 - 24 Weeks and 3 Days
I had my 24 week appt on Friday The hb was between 145 and lower 150s. Belly/Uterus measured appropriate. BP normal. I had gained 5 lbs since the last appt . But the OB was ok with it...I spoke to the doctor about pushing positions..._ I know its early but I wanted to start some dialogue abt the whole birthing process with her. I was happy with her answers.
OB: Are you planning on getting the epidural
Me: I am not opposed to it, but last time around I only got it because I was told the pain would intensify after the water was broken which they were planning on doing shortly then and the water breaking process would also be more comfortable with an epidural and that point was the best time to get an epidural if I did decide to get one. But then I personally didn't feel like the pain was unbearable at that point.
OB: Here we try to take as much of a natural approach as possible, We let things take their natural course and don't intervene unless help is truly needed. We wont urge you to get the epidural at a certain point - like at 4 cm dilation etc. unless you ask for it and you need it. And if you do not get an epidural there is no reason why you cant push on all fours or squatting or any other position comfortable to you. I have delivered babies with moms in any of these positions. However with an epidural, even a great one, you may not have the leg strength to support your self in any other position, you can lay down on your side may be. But I dont want you to worry, you seem to have done great during last delivery being that it was your first and the baby was posterior having a vaginal delivery was a best case scenario!! I am confident that you will find this time around to be easier overall and we will let things take their own course.

I felt great at her response. With that the appt was over. She gave me a bottle of lemon lime flavored glucose test drink for next time. But I have 4 more weeks for that

June June 23rd, 2013 - 25 Weeks and 5 Days

I hit the 2 digit count down yesterday yippee!! 98 days more woo hoo its really picking up speed now!

July 11th, 2013 28 Weeks and 2 Days

My Dr.'s office called me at 2.30 PM to tell me they have to reschedule my appt tomorrow . I had the glucose test tomorrow as well. Well long story short, they finally fit me in today at 4.15!! I have work to do here that they will be sending me later today. I had to talk my boss into letting me work from home and apologized for the short notice Doctor appt. And now I am chugging the glucola. Thank God I hadn't eaten anything or snacked after lunch and I had the glucola here at work. I am a bit miffed as this is the second time they are doing this to me. And both times its been the NP who was not available. I am glad they actually got me in my with OB today...Any how wish me luck for the glucose test !

The appointment went okay I guess. Baby's heartbeat was in the 140s. My bp was 100s/65 and I had gained 3 lbs since last month's appt. I requested the OB to palpate and check baby's position and she said she'd try but she wouldn't be able to say 100% plus the baby could still very well move. She found that the baby was laying diagonally with head towards my lower right and bottom on my upper left. My guess was kinda correct.

They drew blood and also gave me the TDAP shot which I was a bit miffed about since I didn't have time to process it in my head.

Overall it was a good appt. I hope I pass the glucose screening. I did not feel jittery or nauseated or anything...not sure if that's a good or bad sign.

July 26th 2013 30 weeks 5 days

Had my 30 week appointment. BP was 100s/63. I brought up the muscle weakness, fatigue & shortness of breath that happened a few times in the last couple of weeks. As expected, my Dr. said although it does seem a bit much, she thinks its just normal pregnancy/ third trimester fatigue. She asked me tp keep track of it and let her know if it gets worse...also suggested candy, caffeine or something sweet to help give an energy boost. She measured and found the belly/uterus to be on track. Baby's heart beat was in the upper 130s lower 140s Oh and the baby is head down and facing my right as expected. Overall it was an uneventful and good appointment

ETA - They said I gained 2 lbs since the last appt which was only 2 weeks back . I noticed their scale showed 149 lbs!! The OB wasn't concerned and I am hoping the big jump in wt was because of my jeans capris My home scale shows 145ish though and I started out at 124ish on the same scale.
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