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July 28th, 2013, 07:52 PM
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Coleson does the same thing!! He does fall sometimes too. Poor babies get hurt alot it seems like.

Coleson is also obsessed with the dishwasher. When im unloading a load or loading, he moves the bottom cart inward and climbs on it. Like lightning speed when im putting a dish away. I always get him off, but he thinks its so fun. lol. (I know this is weird sounding.) We always have a hand on him if he gets on it, dont

Also, Coleson makes this weird sounding noise like he is gasping for air. It is really weird. It sounds like a choking noise, but hes just testing his little noise maker and being silly! He does it and laughs!

*Got my BFP on March 20!!! Woohoo!! Due late Nov. *Thanksgiving baby*

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