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July 28th, 2013, 08:25 PM
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i didn't take a pregnancy test until i was in my 2nd trimester already- my boyfriend and i were in denial because i'd gone off my pill and were hoping i was just re-regulating my cycle without the added hormones. we had been planning to not have sex so we could get our relationship back on track (long story) but you know how teenager are:/

i ended up having to take one around 3 months into my pregnancy. the field days for my town were coming, and he said i couldn't ride the rides until we knew for sure (on the chance that i was pregnant because he didn't want me to do harm to the baby). so i took one to prove i wasn't pregnant, and i was

i had tried to take a test around the time i was 7 weeks late (2 months) and i broke the test. so i took that as a sign, and pushed it out of my mind until the field days (12 weeks, 5 days along).
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