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July 28th, 2013, 09:09 PM
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With my 9 month old, I was late, no symptoms, just late and getting later and later. So I took a test, it came up positive, I freaked out and slept for a day.

This time, I'm still breast feeding, so haven't had a period to miss. But, I started getting random dizzy spells and head aches, my always minor acne cleared completely up. My sense of smell and taste went funky, my vision started blurring. Then a couple weeks later I got sick, not quite to the point of throwing up, but close, and it didn't go away for over two weeks. Which is when I decided to call the doctor to see if I had a brain tumor or something. Only it was the weekend so it had to wait, and then I read that news article about the musician who got a ride to his concert by a fan. After bawling for 10 minutes I realized, "Hey wait a minute, could I be pregnant." So when my boyfriend got out of the shower I told him we were getting a pregnancy test the next day instead of calling the doctor. Both tests were such a strong positive that the control line was the faint one. Same as when I tested positive for my baby girl.
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