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July 28th, 2013, 09:28 PM
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"Bueller?... Bueller?......" LOL

How is everybody doing?
What's your LO(s)' latest craze or skill?
Preggos, what's up with your bellies?
Can you believe it's almost August already?


I am doing well, still getting my full functionality back, but I got G in the woven wrap and was walking around the house today doing a few things, which is a big milestone for me. My physical therapist has me walking around pigeon-toed to fix my hip alignment and it helps a LOT, amazing!!

M is talking up a storm and she has actually started using pronouns and verbs correctly some of the time. Like "I jumped." Still tough to understand her much of the time, but she's really improving fast! I love having conversations with her, especially since I can't play with her physically too well.

Time is passing so fast. Grant has his 1 month check up on Friday! His latest thing is ginormous poops, and trying to see things. He will stare at our faces when we get close, until he loses focus and goes cross eyed. He is so cute and so big already!! Some of his 0-3 month things are fitting a bit too small. His feet are too big for some of his footies.

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