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July 28th, 2013, 10:14 PM
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It's been so quiet in here. I lurk around here and there. I guess you can count me in

I am good. I think starting to get out of that "funk" I fall into from about 6 weeks to 3 months. Must be hormonal. I am feeling a bit more energetic and having a little more patience...which is essential! Lol.

Kids are good. Liam went to his FIRST ever movie tonight with my mom and dad. It was his "reward" (don't judge ) for doing so well with potty training. He is pretty much trained. He is 100% during the day including naps. But still needs a diaper at night because he usually can't make it to the potty in the morning when he wakes up. But is dry the rest of the night. It was a long road to get him ready for it. But I am proud of him. He is doing really well. Mr. Kieran is learning tons of words. But it's hilarious to hear him "talk" full sentences, most of which consist of a series of grunts, groans, and hand motions. Cracks me up. He does have he syllable thing down though, he mimics them really well. They just started sharing a room this week, it's going okay. As expected, really. Not ideal, but not horrible. Ms. Jo is just funny. She loves to talk and chat, makes us know when she isn't done conversing too. She is grabbing at toys and doing that belly-crunch thing that looks likes she is trying to sit up. I have to resist the urge to push her back down. Lol. She is a happy kid.

That was long. Lol. I can not believe its August. I felt like May to August went so fast. I am blinking and my babies are growing. It's nuts.

"Do you want a gummy bear? It's been in my pocket so it soft."

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