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July 29th, 2013, 05:57 AM
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So, at night Remy is still next to my bed in the bassinet. When he wakes up I pull him into my bed and feed him...The problem? I fall asleep half the time and forget to put him back in his bassinet. The little stinker has gotten use to sleeping next to me so the times I try to put him back in his bassinet he has a fit! I end up being so tired and don't want him crying waking everyone up I just bring him back in my bed...then he is fine. I created a monster! I don't think hubby is happy about the new sleeping arrangements...haha! I feel Remy is up all night and we are back and forth (in the bassinet, out of the bassinet). I feel like Im having a power struggle with my to be 3 month old! Im thinking of getting him in his crib real soon but would love for him to actually sleep IN his crib. Any suggestions or tips on how I can be successful at this

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