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July 29th, 2013, 06:40 AM
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So I started taking abx for it last Thursday. I thought it was feeling better - I didn't have body aches or anything, and then yesterday the mastitis came back WORSE than ever! My entire boob was KILLING me, it was hard and red (no streaks), I had a fever of 101, chills, and an absolute splitting headache. It was horrendous. I had to take 3 advil just to make the headache go down a bit. I'm assuming the abx aren't working. I made a dr's appt for today at 1pm. I feel better today, but definitely not 100%. The headache is still lingering as are the body aches, and my boob is sore, though not as sore as yesterday. Why would it suddenly come back worse after 3 days of abx??

Anyway, this is NOT going to make me stop pumping. I feel so strongly about giving her breast milk. I will get through this, even if I have to pump and dump if I'm put on stronger abx. I have half a months supply in the freezer, so she can have that if I need to dump the milk.

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