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July 29th, 2013, 07:30 AM
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Life is just so much easier when they sleep right next to you. Mommy and baby both sleep better which makes it so inviting to just keep doing. That's how I got stuck. I was always talking about how bad it was that people coslept with babies, and then when I just couldn't stay awake anymore I let Avery sleep with me once and that was it. She slept with me every night for three months. So recently I've posted several times about trying to get her in her own room. She suddenly needed more room to sleep and was waking every 2-3 hours again. So I really think it was more her being ready to be alone than anything I did, but here's what worked for us. I put her down for naps in her room as much as I could. Sometimes I would put her in the playard in the living room. Didn't really matter where, as long as every time she fell asleep I put her down so she got used to sleeping alone. I'd also put her in her crib at night to start the night, sometimes she stayed and sometimes she didn't. When she fussed I'd bring her back in with me. She still got used to laying in the crib though. So when my back couldn't take sleeping on my side one more night I made sure she played hard and long one day, and didn't let her nap after 5. By the time bedtime came she couldn't have fought if she wanted to. And that's pretty much how I get her in bed every night now. She doesn't nap after 5 and we'll play as much as she can until she starts getting fussy and wanting to eat. Then I bathe her (because she loves the bath and it keeps her up a little longer)and put on the sleeper and when she finally eats she goes right out and sleeps a good 5.5 hours. Swaddling has helped a few times, but night before last I layed her on her back and when we got up she was on her stomach so I won't swaddle anymore just in case. When she wakes during the night I stay up until I can get her back in her crib. I just completely eliminated our bed as an option.

Sorry that got so long! Aside from all of that you can try white noise, you can hear the fan from my room in her room so I turn it on before putting her down. I don't know if any of this will help you since I let her lead and waited for her to be ready for her own space, but hopefully something does. It's certainly not easy, but if you stick it out 1-2 nights it gets easier. It's just finding the strength to stay up to do it. That's what took me so long. Good luck. Hope it gets easier for you.

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