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July 29th, 2013, 08:09 AM
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I was induced with both of my little boys.

With Jackson my dr broke my water at 7:30 and he was born at 2:33 so it did go pretty quickly. I did get an epi with him and pushed for about 30 minutes. I had no problems with his delivery at all. it all went great.

Jacob was an entirely different story. My dr broke my water with him at 9:30. I was already 3 cm dialated though so it went quickly. I got an epi with him but the dr screwed up and nicked my spine so spinal fluid started leaking out, plus the I swear he gave me too much medicine with the epi because I couldn't move any of my body. Absolutely terrible. I had lots of problems pushing Jacob out so dr used vacuum to get him out and he was born at 12:30. I ended up with a spinal headache because of the problems with the epi. this is why I will not have another one. I know I was one of those rare cases where something like this happens but it was terrible and I wouldn't do it again. Other than the epi I don't think I would have had any problems with this delivery.

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