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July 29th, 2013, 09:49 AM
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Finley's birth story is definitely not what I thought it would be. I was a bit upset and disappointed about how everything happened at first (probably why I didn't post it on here right away) but now I am embracing her birth story. It's how she got here so it can't really be all that had such a great end result So here goes...

I went in for my 37 week ob check and nst on Monday 7/15 and my ob was concerned about my blood sugars first because they were regularly spiking above 200 despite a good diet and insulin. Finley was measuring large (mostly her abdomen, which is common for GD babies) and my amniotic fluid index was high. All of these factors had him talking induction in the middle of my 38th week. I wasn't too crazy about this, but he told me my blood sugars and high amniotic fluid could result in a stillbirth if we wait too long So I agreed. Then I went back to my NST and everything got crazy. I was contracting a lot and she wasn't responding well. Then they started talking immediate induction. I was rushed to get a lung amnio to see if her lungs were ready. About 4 hours later we got the word back that her lungs were ready so we were good to go for an induction. I was told that if the induction took too long or if she showed distress to be ready for a csection. We were scrambling around packing our bags and arranging care for the boys. I didn't really have too much time to be scared.
When we got to the hospital for the induction we were surprised to find out that little miss Finley had flipped over the course of a few hours (during the lung amnio she was head down and had been since 28 weeks) to a transverse position. My ob talked to me about trying to flip her and said he didn't recommend it considering she was already showing some signs of distress, so a csection it was. I snuck into the first morning spot at 7:30 am.
The NICU team was already in the OR when I got there, which worried me a bit but I was trying really hard to stay calm. My anesthesiologist came in and put in the spinal, which was not too bad. DH came in and calmed me down and my ob started to work. I suddenly felt super nauseous and knew I was going to throw up. It was the weirdest thing to throw up without having control over most of my body- not fun! I proceeded to throw up through the ENTIRE surgery with maybe 10-20 second breaks in between. I was puking when they pulled her out, (Tuesday 7/16 at 8:01am) but I still was able to see her and hear her cry which was great. The NICU team checked her and cleared her (yaaay) and she and DH left for her to be weighed and cleaned up. I had demanded skin to skin right away but it was obvious that that wasn't going to happen bc I was covered with throw up (I know, TMI) and still vomiting, so DH did some skin to skin with her. I was sewed and stapled and wheeled to recovery where Finley and DH were waiting for me. It was a frustrating time for me. I wanted so badly to hold her and feed her but whenever I would move my head I would throw up The anesthesiologist came back to adjust my pain meds and try new ones. I was also given anti nausea medicine, which helped some.
About an hour later we were wheeled up to our room, where things calmed down. I was able to feed her and she had an amazing latch which made me sooo happy. I still was getting sick but not nearly as much and I was finally able to keep ice chips down.
Later that night they weighed Finley and she had lost 12oz from her birth weight of 8lbs 8oz!!! They thought the scale was broken but checked it out several times. The on call pediatrician came in and was concerned, but when he found out she was a GD baby he calmed down. I guess GD babies can retain a lot of water and tend to lose more after birth. That was a relief!
After that everything slowly got better. I could eat again, Finley started slowly gaining, and we figured out pain meds I could actually use. I pushed for an early discharge and we went home the morning of July 18th It felt great to bring her home and be back with my boys!! Finley was the missing piece if our family and we are 100% sure our family is now complete- it's a wonderful feeling.

Here are some pictures of her birth: (a bit graphic)

Going home!!

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