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July 29th, 2013, 11:45 AM
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Great topic. I'm only pregant with #4 but I am sick of those comments too. Then when I mentioned to my husband about always wanting lots of kids and perhaps not being done, he says "You only want 5 kids because all your friends at playgroup have large families" Really? He even says he would be open to a larger family although lack of money and space is a big issue, but really? I might be more comfortable with running a larger family because of seeing my friends but I don't make decisions about number of kids based on what my friends have.

Oh and Laura... it's funny that you say that. One of my friends has 6 kids. But in general of all the large families I know or have heard of, rarely do I hear 6 kids. It's always up to 5 and then 7 or more LOL.
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