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July 29th, 2013, 01:26 PM
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Charlotte- SATC
Charlie- Gossip Girl
Louise- Louisiana (weird haha but was what I thought of)
Lou- grandpa
Beatrice- some books I read as a child
Georgiana- Gossip Girl
Rosalie- hmmm nothing came to mind pretty though
Francesca- exotic
Seraphine- reminds me of a goddess or siren or something no idea why
Caroline- nothing just the name
Ireland- Ireland the place
Elowen- reminds me of elves no idea why again
Cora- just thought pretty name
Lyra- Lyrical dance
Aria- Pretty little liars (love the name and show)
Lilah- Friday night lights
India- India the place


Desmond- Lost (tv show)
Henry- my nephew haha so thats not fair
Everett- just the name
Malcolm- Malcom X
Eli- just the name
Gabriel- an angel
Arthur- my DHs middle name also not fair just thought of him
Shepherd- Greys Anatomy

I tried to just write the first thing that popped in my head for everything. I agree with the PP even though they brought something to mind doesn't mean I dont like them. So many make me think of tv shows

Cautiously expecting Seamonkey #2 Due Oct 4th

Missing our angels:
Molar pregnancy loss (12 weeks) - 1/2013
Missed Miscarriage (10 weeks) - 6/2013
Early Miscarriage (5 weeks) - 12/2016

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