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July 29th, 2013, 01:50 PM
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When we had all 8, we had the two oldest girls in a basement room and the 2 oldest boys in the other basement room. Upstairs was my husbands room, and then the 4 little ones shared a room. Now I use that loosely, only two actually slept in there, the other two slept with me, in the living room. I don't sleep in the bedroom cause the husband works graves and I don't like to be where I can't hear things. I'm a little strange.

Now I have 6 at home. I have the oldest girl still at home (19) and my middle girl (9) in the girls room in the basement. My 19 year old is at her sisters or brother house during the week though. My oldest boy (22) and my next son (12) in the boys room in the basement. Then the two youngest in the room upstairs (6 and 3).

The plan is to move my youngest girl, in a year or so downstairs, move my 6 year old boy downstairs, and bring the 22 year old upstairs and give him his own room. He will always live with me, so at some point I want him to have his own space, but not until the other two are ready.
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