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July 29th, 2013, 03:26 PM
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Charlotte- scarlet
Charlie- chaplin
Louise- please, louise, pull me offa my knees
Lou- my aunt (her middle name is Lue)
Beatrice- lemony snicket's novels
Georgiana- the state
Rosalie- the flower
Francesca- italy
Seraphine- sapphires
Caroline- south carolina
Ireland- scotland
Elowen- lord of the rings' character, eowyn
Cora- tim burton's movie, coraline
Lyra- a lyre
Aria- the sky
Lilah- lilac trees
India- ghandi


Desmond- i've never heard of this
Henry- a kid i went to school with, he was a nice kid
Everett- emmett
Malcolm- my dad's friend
Eli- soldiers
Gabriel- the bible
Arthur- king arthur
Shepherd- sheep
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