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July 29th, 2013, 04:52 PM
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I'm so, so sorry you're going through this -- it sounds heartbreaking! I am also a Christian, and I can tell you that absolutely God does not EVER want you to 'go along' with what your husband wants or tells you to do when it is wrong. It's not like he's asking you to move to a house you're not excited about or buy a car you think is too expensive. He's asking you to stop your little child's beating heart because he has a 'bad feeling.' I can assure you that if you refuse, if you stand up for your baby's life and your belief that it is wrong to end that life God WILL bless you in that decision. That is not to say it might not be hard for a while, but I am absolutely certain you will never regret following God in this and not your husband. On the other hand both you and I know that if you go along with him and end this child's life you are going to be miserable.

You've prayed about it, you know what you have to do. It's time to firmly and respectfully tell your husband that you cannot get an abortion no matter how he feels about it. I know that's not easy. Find your friends and family who can be supportive and let them be an encouragement to you during this time.

As an aside, if your husband feels this strongly about it it's really time for him to take ownership and get a vasectomy!

I truly wish you the best, send you lots of hugs, and I'll be praying for your strength, peace, and encouragement. God is bigger than our problems, rest in Him and His faithfulness to those who love Him and keep His commands. Keep us posted!
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