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July 29th, 2013, 06:14 PM
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This is Merrick Odell birth story!

If you want to go straight to the labor, skip the first part.

Before Labor

Merrick Odell story begins not on the day he was born, but on July 8 when I was 37 weeks. That day was the day I learned that I might not get the birth plan of my dreams. For months, preparation was made for a natural child birth, i.e., spontaneous labor and no epidural. On July 8, I had slightly high blood pressure of 130/90. The Dr. wanted me to do a 24 urine test. After those instructions, and worrying me, the Dr. wanted to do another check of my blood pressure at the end of the appt and it was 140/90. I personally believe the pressure was high due to the Dr. stressing me out. On July 10, I returned to give back the urine specimen and saw another Dr. The practice I attended had 5 Dr's and I had to see them all. Again at this appt. my blood pressure was slightly high and the talks of preeclampsia was started. I felt the Dr was being overly cautious because I didn't have any other symptoms such as headaches, blurred vision, and wasn't swollen. Regardless, she sent me to labor and delivery with blood and urine with the instructions to have them test it ASAP. She also checked my cervix and it had not dilated. I don't know what she did next but it was slightly painful and felt like she stuck her finger up my cervix! She then said I was fingertip/one. Thankful she couldn't dilate me anymore than that because she told me if my cervix was favorable then they would have induced me that day. Labor and delivery was uneventful, my test were high but not high enough to admit me and I was sent home with the instructions to be on bed rest. Since then, I took it upon myself to start labor naturally. I bought a bouncing ball and would bounce for hours. I walked, and walked, and walked. Boyfriend and I DTD on multiple occasions. I even did nipple stimulation for hours. I had increased BH and contractions but nothing seemed to work and before I knew it my Dr set up an induction date for July 22, 39 weeks.

Leading up to labor

I was scheduled for 8pm Monday, but the hospital was full. For me, i guess the myth was true because there was a full moon that night. After being told to call back (9 and midnight) they told me to call back in the morning. I called Tuesday morning and was scheduled to come in at noon. When we arrived, I was sent to triage room because they was still busy and didn't have any rooms available. Finally I got into a room at 3:00pm and was still only fingertip dilated. Because I was having contractions, although not feeling them, they gave me Cervidil around 5:30 pm. I am not a fan of Cervidil, if only because it confines me to the bed for 12 hours. I wanted to bounce on the birthing ball and/or dance with Joe but the nurses told me I couldn't and had to labor in bed because of fear that the medicine could fall out. Even worse, for the first two hours I had to lay slightly on my back/side and couldn't even move to go to the bathroom! Throughout the night, I had minor contractions lasting about 30 seconds and coming every 5 minutes.

Labor and delivery

Once the 12 hours were over, Wednesday morning at 7:30 am, I was checked and was still only a fingertip dilated! Up until this point I had been excited, slightly nervous, but beyond ready. With that news, I got discouraged and frustrated. Even worse, the Dr. wanted to do Cervidil again for another 12 hours and then start the pitocin. She told me it could be another 2 days before I delivered. I started to feel like I couldn't do it and that I wasn't going to be able to last. Thankfully I had the strength of my family around to help me through the hard parts. The Cervidil was started at 9:30 am and this time the contractions were lasting anywhere between 30-45 seconds and coming every 1-2 minutes and were slightly more painful then the previous night. Through out the day they got longer and stronger. My mom, dad, and Joe would take turns practicing my breathing or having me focus on something other than the contraction. They were a big help; there was no way I could have done it without them. At one point, the pain got so strong, I asked for something just to take the edge off. Unfortunately I didn't get the name of the medicine but it was inserted through my IV, it did not take away the pain, but made me very drowsy and delusional. According to my family, I was talking nonsense! Around 7:00pm, I thought I needed to have a bowel movement and tried to get out of bed but my mother wouldn't let me. I told her I just knew it was a bowel movement and not baby because throughout the labor I had to go almost every 10 minutes and even had to use the bed pan a few times because they didn't want me getting out of bed too often. It went like this for a few minutes before I felt something funny on my backside. I reached my hand back and saw blood. Joe picked up the phone and called the nurse, who actually had the audacity to say to give her some time before she checked on me because she was finishing up on reports. I screamed at her through the phone that I don't care what reports she was doing, but that she needed to get to my room now! (It wouldn't be until later that I realize that she probably didn't want to come back to my room at all because it was time for the nurses shift change and she was stalling until she could locate the next nurse.) I loved all the nurses that treated me but her. In fact she never not once came to check me to see if I dilated before this point. At 7:15pm she came in and I was at a 7! Again, I think she was trying to stall my labor, because she said, your water is bulging but you still have a long way to go. I will go get the paperwork started for your epidural. First of all, I didn't ask for one and I told the staff that I didn't want one. Second of all, why would you offer me one at 7cm? When my Dr. came in about 5 minutes later, I was at an 8! She asked if I still wanted the epidural, and I told her no. She broke my water, which didn't feel like a gush, and after this point, everything happened so fast. I heard them say it was time to brake down the bed, nurses were coming in and out of the room, and they put a gas mask over my face. My body started pushing on its own and surprisingly it felt really good. I don't think they finished setting up the bed before I was crowning. I went from a 7 to fully dilated in less than 30 minutes. I pushed for less then 3 minutes before Merrick Odell entered this world on July 24 @7:45. He was 6lbs 7 oz and 19.5in and perfect in every way. Merrick had a small amount of meconium on him, so he wasn't placed right on my chest. While they cleaned him and performed the test, they stitched me up, I had a 1 degree tear. Finally he was placed on my chest for skin to skin contact and he latched on perfectly and fed for about an hour. I know I said it before but he is so perfect and I absolutely love him.

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