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July 29th, 2013, 10:55 PM
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Ok new symptom that started not too log ago.. TWINGES!!!!!!!! Possibly 4-5 dpo and twinges on my left ovary close to my uterus??? What in the world???????? Like a twinge every few seconds and not just one.. They are back to back and then stop and then come back again. They are not slight or harsh and they are VERY noticeable. I already ovulated and had EWCM the other day. Please tell me this is some sort of maybe implantation twinge or pain or whatever it's called. Feels like a cyst sort of pulsating? I know it's not because of my ultrasound a few days ago. I am cleared in the cysty world lol

Decided to post this and document it in case this is a pregnancy symptom and I can help others.
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