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July 30th, 2013, 12:14 AM
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Thank you ladies I totally agree with what you've all said and will take it to heart. I have had conversations with OH about some of the things you've mentioned and while it got better for awhile, he slowly stopped doing what we'd talked about. I think part of the problem is every time we've spoken about it I've already been upset and that doesn't foster communication very well. This time I will speak to him when I'm not already in a bad place.

My OH would love nothing more than to see me and his son get along, so I know nothing is intentional, just more that he's not sure how to go about it. I will pass along some of the suggestions. I've thought of some of them myself but it's good to hear it from other people, so I know that I'm right in thinking of trying out this course of action.

As far as BM goes, I have no idea what she may be saying. I know OH would never believe she was saying anything bad, but I think sometimes he underestimates her. But like someone pointed out, not much we can do to change that any way.

Also I have the same fears about it being me and the baby on one side and OH and DS on the other. I also fear it may go another way in that DS will take a keen interest in the baby, but only continue talking to his dad about it. I really, really don't want is to be a case of OH and baby and SS having quality time while once again I'm left out. That is just so not going to work.

Thanks again, guys. I will speak to OH soon, maybe even tonight. Hopefully we'll be able to put some of the tips in play this weekend. I'll keep you all updated

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