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July 30th, 2013, 08:34 AM
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I was not oppsed to adoption however becuase of my age, 43, I felt it would be difficult to be "picked" by someone. I felt like adoption has it's own set of heartbreaks and waiting that I wasn't willing to subject myself too. With TTCMA I felt like having a child was more in my hands then waiting on someone to pick us while going through a book of peole that want kids. Both avenues have heartbreak and I was used the the TTCMA heartbreak and just wasn't sure if I could adjust to a new kind of heartbreak. If I would have been younger I wouldn't have hesitated to adopt but since DH wasn't ready to start trying for babies until I was 40 adoption just felt difficult to me. DH wanted to try for his bio kids first before he would entertain the thought of adoption. Thankfully our first and only attempt at DE/IVF worked for us.
Wishing you all the best!
Me (43) DH(33) 12 years together - ttc our first together-I have 14yr old DS
Cycles 1-6 = BFN
Cycle 7 SA results abnormal morphology 2%, 50 mg clomid = BFN
Cycle 8 sonogram normal 50 mg clomid + trigger = BFN
Cycle 9 SA results abnormal morphology and motility. Count 200 mill, 100mg clomid + trigger = BFN
Cycle 10 natural = BFN
Cycle 11 hsg tubes clear, natural + trigger+IUI = BFN
Cycle 12 repronex + trigger + 2 IUI = BFN
Cycle 13 natural ovaries to stimulated for more meds = BFN
Cycle 14-22 natural cycle with Acupuncture and planning ivf/icsi/DE = ALL BFN
Cycle 23 Clomid 50 mg & Progesterone = BFN
Cycle 24 Natural = BFN
Cycle 25 BCP, SA result 7% morphology = BFN
Cycle 26 BCP and Lupron preparing for IVF
Cycle 27 IVF Acupuncture, DE Retrieval April 7, Transfer April 12 =
7 eggs retrieved, 3 fertilized, 2 transferred - zero snow babies
BETA # 1 16DPO or 11dp5dt = 569
BETA # 2 19 DPO or 14dp5dt = 1078
BETA # 3 22DPO or 17dp5dt = 2414 TWINS!
BETA # 4 30DPO or 25dp5dt = 12,685 6weeks 3days 2 heartbeats! 114 & 116
Clayton and Colton Born @ 34 weeks 11/22/13
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