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July 30th, 2013, 09:59 AM
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Anyone else have a hard time keeping their weight down? I had FULL intentions of gaining like no more than 25 pounds as I was at the top end of my weight already, and here I am, 32 weeks today and I have put on 37.5 pounds. How did it come to this?! Oh I know, I was sick in the first tri and beyond and the first while I felt better when I was eating so pounds came quickly. And then I tried and tried for months to keep the weight down but to no avail. So here I am. A few weeks ago I stopped counting calories. I hope that I'll get that squished stomach feeling soon and lose weight at the end like some ladies. Oh well, what can you do. Tell me I'm not the only one gaining more than the recommended amount? My blood pressure is still good and no GD so I'm thankful about that!
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