Topic: Weight Gain??
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July 30th, 2013, 10:12 AM
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I really am sorry to hear you are having trouble. I can honestly say I haven't. I'm 31 weeks and have only picked up 13 pounds. Before I got pregnant, I cut out all sugar and grains from my diet. Have pretty much stuck to that throughout my pregnancy. Haven't gained all that much, course I am/was quite a bit over weight to begin with so my current weight gain is right on target with what I should be gaining. I also think its a bit different not living in the States. There are too many convenience foods to buy and too much processed ready made stuff that makes making dinner simple and easy. There is stuff like that here, but not in a huge variety and certainly not cheap. I know this really doesn't help you, but I do hope that once your baby comes the weight will come off fairly easy over few months after you give birth.
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