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July 30th, 2013, 10:22 AM
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Yay for 32 weeks today!!!

High risk dr appt was seriously a rollercoaster this morning...first off I thought we were only doing u/s to check baby size, blood flow, etc. but first surprise was nurse telling me I now have to do about a 20 min NST each appt (now weekly) so they hook me up to the monitor...and...CANT FIND THE BABY'S HB! Yes I start to freak out - frantically trying to recall if i'd felt her move that morning (couldn't remember feeling her kick much), and the nurse is looking worried, calls for another nurse, they shut the door so now i'm literally about to break down when the 2nd nurse finds the HB (thank god!) and now my BP is probably through the roof but everything is otherwise fine.

Then I do the u/'s good, still precisely 55% which makes high risk dr happy, and now 4lbs 6oz big . I find out that we won't do sizing every scan, even though I will have a weekly scan, so next appt will be just the NST & a quick scan to check blood flow through the UC, etc.

But then the bad news, after months (literally) of being head is now transverse and high risk dr is telling me to prepare myself for possibility of C-section (!!!) which he knows I want desperately to avoid...and he says there's still time for her to move back...but if she doesn't he won't let OB attempt an external version b/c it's too risky (I guess because of the blood thinners or possibly because of the prior SCH and potential to reopen bleeding?) SIGH, definitely wasn't what I was hoping to hear.

I know we have some smart mamas in here who know more about getting babies to turn than I do...any safe/natural things I can try to do to encourage her to go back to head down? Any idea when she'll be likely to big to move...i'm thinking I have literally until 36 weeks when OB plans to schedule induction (or now possibly C-section) but I think I want to fight the C-section literally until day I go to hospital

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