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July 30th, 2013, 01:23 PM
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I have a Baby Trend jogging stroller but not the travel system. My stroller looks very similar to the one in the picture. While I love the stroller, I only use it when I walk the neighborhood. I would not want to use it inside of a store. It is pretty bulky and does not turn well. HOWEVER, I read the description on this one and it specifically says that it has a pivoting wheel for use inside of stores, but you can lock it for jogging. Mine does not have this feature and I think that does make a big difference.

I think it is all going to depend on what you need it for the most. I personally am not a jogger and mainly use my stroller for shopping. I prefer my regular stroller (Chicco Keyfit) because it is smaller, folds up easier, protects baby from the elements more, and has more storage up top and underneath. I only got the jogging stroller to use to push my 3 year old around the neighborhood to get exercise while pregnant. Hope that helped you a little.
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