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July 30th, 2013, 01:39 PM
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Yeah, Jo is a huge spitter. She brings back up a good amount after each meal and in between. But with her, it's not related to weigh gain issues. She was 11.2 at her 9 week visit, which is about 4lbs from birth...a good gain (she was 7lbs even at birth). So no one is concerned about her rate of gain (I had heard they look for about a half-pound a week for gain in the first two months). With my son, they realized he wasn't gaining and it was a pretty easy line to "reflux" based on his behaviors (fussy, hiccups a lot, hated his back, gagged often, ate often). Sounds like Joshua might have some reflux going on, but it might not hurt him and that might be why he doesn't fuss or eat often. But it might still affect his weight if his belly is constantly only having what it needs to function.
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