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July 30th, 2013, 02:44 PM
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So DH's dad is coming to town soon and I'm trying to make the guest bedroom nice..right now its just a full sized bed with a walmart blanket (all one color ugly off white)

So I made him take me to TJ Maxx to get a new comforter ..thinking after seeing the Target price tags (even though I LOVE their bedding) he would be happier with TJmaxx ..So he was in a grumpy mood, I was in a grumpy mood, it was SO hot out and we were both done (after grocery shopping) so I told him to pick his favorite and he did..I thought I was ok with it...


I told him I wanted bright colors and something modern
We end up with a pale baby blue and gray/white quilt...I can't think of what to match with it besides white and gray.

I really wanted a navy blue I could pair with mustard yellow..Love that combo

So anyways now I'm thinking about taking it back ..even though I already laid it out on the bed to see ...but I didn't wash it and there were no tags to take off (came in the zipper bag) ..think they'll accept it? I have no idea of Tj's return policy

Also can anyone tell me how to post pics on here? I want to show you the hideous-ness

Here's the ugly quilt
Idk why it has so much glare..showed up fine on my phone but on the bottom you can see the colors

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