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July 30th, 2013, 03:00 PM
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So I have write up a list of accomplishments in the last year for my boss to use in my annual eval.

Gee boss, I haven't accomplished nearly as much as I did in years past, because I'm too busy TTC! But I can tell you all about OPK's, hormone levels, and new vocabulary words like Femara, Ovidrel, and the like.

Unfortunately I can't even say I've "accomplished" anything in the TTC realm either. After my 50 mg Clomid cycle, my progesterone is a whopping 0.8 and my chart looks the same as before.
(TSH was 1.8 & prolactin was 24, both within normal range.)

This is stressing me out because I do feel like my job performance is suffering! GRR. I feel like I put everything on hold while I'm waiting/trying/controlling/obsessing for a baby.

So there's my "Wednesday wahoo" on Tuesday. Feeling STUCK and needed to VENT!
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