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July 30th, 2013, 03:46 PM
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49 days....FORTY-NINE days, 17 of which I was thoroughly angry at. I thought after I finally had a 32 day ovulatory cycle things would get normal then this beast came and every blank HPT was making me depressed and every cramp made me think I had a cyst leaking. I had a killer migraine all afternoon and sure enough I found AF to be the cause, but I'm actually happy. I already had a doctor's appointment scheduled for the end of the week to get Provera and now I don't have to touch those evil pills. Hubby will also be happy because he has been getting upset with me spinning into depression the last couple weeks. It had been a hard month for me because it was our 5th wedding anniversary and we had always been on the "5 year plan" for kids so it had all really hit home.

FX that I O this month and catch it.
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