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July 30th, 2013, 05:38 PM
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Hey ladies!

We were up super early this morning so I needed a nap and then dinner before I could update.

Well, the doctor thinks we're looking at "tubal issues with PCOS tendencies" - not full blown PCOS, because I ovulate 99% of the time (and all of my longer cycles coincide with periods of high stress), but my AMH level is higher than he'd like, and I have other symptoms. So...yeah.

He also looked at my HSG, and suspects there might be a polyp, based on the film - but he couldn't tell. So he's going to do a scan after my next period (I should ovulate either today or tomorrow, so he didn't want to mess anything up) - he'll see if there's anything. If so, we'd do something about it sometime in September, and likely start with an IUI in October. The schedule has to do with when we'll be traveling and when the Jewish holidays are. If not, we'll just wait until October and do it.

Ugh. I feel kind of unfertile at the moment. Sigh.
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