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July 30th, 2013, 05:40 PM
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I'll be registering the boys for school next week. Ani's already registered. She's going to the creative writing magnet which means 2 creative writing classes each day and then her regular classes (Algebra I, English I, Biology, World Geography, and French I). She'd be going into 8th grade by age, but because of her test scores and getting into the magnet, they skipped her into 9th. English, Bio, and Geography will be pre-AP classes (also because of her test scores).

The skipping thing is kind of unique here. They aren't really attached to kids being in the right class by age in our district. I talked to the lady at the elementary school and she said we have to register them for their correct grade, but after the school year starts they can be tested and skip a grade. Adrian will be in kindergarten (and will definitely stay there), but Fritz is a bit of a question mark. He'll be going into 2nd initially, but he's done everything they learn in 2nd already and part of 3rd too. The problem is he's already at the young end for 2nd (born about a month and a half before the cut-off so he just turned 7 a couple weeks ago) and his fine motor skills and handwriting are iffy since he's a barely 7 year old left-handed boy. Academically, 2nd will be way too easy for him, though. So we'll see how it goes.

The good news is this district is also unique in that one of the biggest complaints about the elementary school we're zoned for is that they teach to the top of the class and expect the other kids to catch up (and it works, by the way - teachers all offer tutoring after school to help). Gifted education is supposed to be fabulous. We'll see.

Cameron will be in middle school. He'll struggle. No doubt. But they have a teacher trained in dyslexia education at every middle and high school to help dyslexic kids so he'll hopefully get a lot of help. He insists at this point that next year he'll be in the virtual school and be at home again. I think it could go either way for him. He's really not looking forward to going to school. But, in order to be able to do the virtual school (i.e. free curriculum... and it's our second choice) they have to do a year at the public school. Honestly, though, if the schools are as fabulous as people say they are, it's worth them going. I homeschooled because I could give my kids a better education. That may not be the case here.

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