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July 30th, 2013, 08:43 PM
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Charlotte-a spider (my kids are into the book right now)
Charlie-a towhead blonde boy
Louise-A silly cartoon segment about "the safety patrol" on Disney Jr.
Lou-An old man
Beatrice-The somewhat un attractive daughter of Fergie (of the royal family)
Georgiana- The state of Georgia and peaches. Lol.
Francesca-The soda Fresca
Seraphine-A Greek myth character
Caroline-Just a little girl.
Ireland-The country
Elowen-Ugh. Sounds like a disease to me. Sorry!
Cora-The movie Coraline
Lyra-A character in the golden compass
Aria-Solo song
Lilah-A flower (lilac)


Desmond-Evil. It sounds evil to me
Henry-This grumpy little boy we know who is darling
Everett-Mispronounciation. I can never figure out how it's said "ever-ett" or "ev-Rhett"
Malcolm-Old show Malcolm
Eli-Just a cute little boy
Gabriel-The angel. But I adore this name
Arthur-The aardvark
Shepherd-A dog
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