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July 30th, 2013, 10:23 PM
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I use a calculator from my low carb forums that calculates my macros for me too. But you can use pretty much anywhere that calculates your BMR (basically how many calories you burn just being alive for a day) and go from there. Another good place to start might be My fitness pal as it will calculate your stuff your you (though I have mine all customized based on different calculators because of low carb) I'll use my basic numbers as an example though.
My BMR is around 1600, That's about how many I burn just living and breathing for a day like if I literally just laid around all day. What you need to calculate is your TDEE which is your total daily expenditures based on what you do in a day. If I put in sedentary which is sitting most the day with not a lot of activity (like a desk job) that brings me to 1900. To lose 2lbs a week theoretically I need to consume 1000 calories a day less than I burn. The lowest you should go calorie intake wise is probably in the 1000-1200 net calorie range or your body is going into starvation mode. (I acutally had an issue with the recently where I wasn't losing and realized it was likely because for my activity level I wasn't eating enough and creating too big of a deficit and ending up with a net well below 1000). Net calories would be what you take in in food minus your calories burned.
So TDEE is 1900, if I eat 1900 calories I will maintain weight, not lose or gain. If I ate 1400 calories I would create a 500 calorie deficit for the day and if I did that every day I should equal a lb in a week. (I don't believe weight loss is 100% calories in/calories out but it's the very basis of it at least and I still think calorie counting is important). So on a day I exercise, say I burn an extra 500 calories. That means for me that day I've burned 2400 calories total. If I ate 1400 that day and did the same every day that week I should lose 2lbs.
So I set my MFP up actually to aim for 1300 on a sedentary no exercise day. That still gives me a 600 deficit for the day. Then I'll add in my exercise and I eat some or all of those calories back making sure to not let myself dip below 1000-1200 net calories in a day to avoid my body thinking it's starving and want to hold onto everything. You don't HAVE to eat all your exercise calories back, some people do ok without them, but for me it doesn't work and I need to eat them or I dip too low on net calories for my body.
I hope that all made sense and I didn't confuse you farther. If I did, let me know and I'll try and explain w/e better.

The short version is: try myfitnesspal lol

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