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July 30th, 2013, 10:33 PM
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Originally Posted by fludderbye View Post
honestly i have never had much luck with pumps- seemed to me to be more of a PITA or boob in this case LOL

always heard medela is the best but $$ pricey
Well, it's free for me thanks to Obama's Affordable Care Act.... It's now required for insurance companies to cover as preventative care device. :-)

Originally Posted by sweety_pie View Post
I have never had one as I have never successfully breastfed yet, but I was wondering do you need a pump to breastfeed? Or can I go without one at all?
You don't need a pump to breast feed but I will likely be going back to work so I will have to pump and I want to have some in case I need to leave him with dad to run errands, etc earlier on. I wasn't successful with DD trying to breastfeed but I'm hoping to be more so with this one...

Originally Posted by SierraWinter View Post
Since this is our first I dont have any experience....but based on the research we did and all my friends and family that have had babies the last two years, we're going with the Medela. Our insurance is covering most of the cost too.
That's great! I was so happy when my insurance told me that they cover 100% of it, no deductible or co-pay!
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