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July 31st, 2013, 12:56 AM
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OMG Lara, I would have freaked too about the heartbeat! I'm sooo glad they found it! I would have been seriously shaken.
I have heard about the spinning babies thing too, so hopefully that means there's something to it! I had my little Kody turn breech on me partway through the pregnancy when he'd been head down for some time (can't remember what week I was...30 maybe?). It scared me so I started reading up on stuff like that. Women did all sorts of things including putting an ice pack where baby's head was, trying to get the baby to turn away from the cold sensation! Yikes! Not sure I'd do that, but there are lots of things you can try for sure. Being on a hands and knees position frequently is supposed to be good for if baby is sunny side up. And so on and so forth...
Anyway, Kody was back where he should be by the next appointment. I think it's only close to the end, like 38 weeks where they get a bit too cramped to move around much. And then, there are those babies that turn around the right way right at the last minute...the same day Mom goes into labor. So you never know! I understand the concern though. I hope for your sake she turns!

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